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Her Secret to Losing Pregnancy Weight and Looking Hot Again!

Her Secret to Losing Pregnancy Weight and Looking Hot Again!

As a single mother raising her daughter alone, Juliana was terrified. She often felt helpless because she couldn’t turn to anyone for help. 

The personal trainer’s career also halted abruptly due to her pregnancy. This was a drastic lifestyle change as all her time was devoted to caring for her baby daughter, with barely any ‘me time’ left for exercise.

”I didn’t have enough sleep and ate a lot of nonsense food”, she says. We’re sure a lot of mommies can relate!

Losing Her Slim Tummy

Standing at 1.64cm, she had a naturally small waistline of 24”. But her pregnancy caused her waistline to shoot up by 6” to 30”

Her weight ballooned from 50kg to 70kg—the heaviest she’s ever been. 


Juliana's post-pregnancy tummy.

Delivering her daughter via Cesarean section (or C-section) also made it difficult for her to regain the slim and svelte tummy that she once had. Her self-esteem took a hit, just like any other mother’s would. 

Reclaiming Her Pre-pregnancy Body

Juliana after her tummy transformation.

Yes, that’s Juliana today! This mama’s journey from flab to fit is far from easy. But before we go into detail about how she did it, she shares her inspiring results with us: 

✅ Her waistline is down by 4” from 30” to 26”. She’s almost back to her original pre-pregnancy waistline!

✅ She’s burnt off 6kg and shredded her love handles off.  

✅ Her chronic back pains from her pregnancy are now gone. 

Tons of respect and love to her! So how did she manage such a feat? 

Her Secret to Losing Pregnancy Weight

Waist Training


She’s been waist training since 2019 with a waist trainer that she got off Lazada. However, it was not effective because it “caused backaches” and there were “no differences.” 

She discovered Waistlab a year later and has been waist training with us since March! 

View our waist trainers here! 

She waist trains 5 days a week for about 9 to 10 hours a day. She wears it during her workouts and also at work.

I must say your waist trainer worked wonders for me. My fats and love handles dropped so much.

No Such Thing as 'No Time'

Although she juggles between her full time job and mommy duties (like sending and fetching her daughter to and from school, cooking, and cleaning), her responsibilities haven’t stopped her from finding time to workout regularly. 

How regular? She exercises 4 to 5 times a week! Her workout routine consists of cycling, HIIT workouts and lifting weights.


She also eats in moderation thrice a day. Her go-to breakfast is oats with Greek yoghurt and blueberries. 

As for her usual meals, she mainly eats brown rice with lots of veggies and meat that’s either pan-fried or air-fried. 

Even Wonder Woman would be proud! 

Embrace Your Changing Body

We’ll end this post with some advice from Juliana to other mommies who are struggling to lose their baby fat: 

Every mother’s body will change differently. But we must embrace this change in a positive way. Keeping yourself at least fit and active is the way to go long term. It’s never a short term thing. To our beautiful women out there: You are worth it!

Trust me, I’m tired and pooped. But willpower overpowers everything!"


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