Post-Natal Body Can Be Frustrating. Here’s How To Reverse The Clock

Yes, there is hope!

We know the struggle for you mummies out there - you’ve suddenly gained weight and added inches to your body that you really can’t wait to shed. You’ve also seen shocking pictures of celebrity mummies like Kylie Jenner whose body seems to have miraculously reverted to her lean, pre-baby body.

However, today we aren’t going to talk about celebrities or idols.

Today we’re focusing on our local mummy living in Singapore, who works a full-time job just like everyone else and has 2 beautiful children. Her name is Ayu, and since her last pregnancy, she has gone from 85kg to an amazing 70kg in just 2 months!

Want to know how?

Here are her secrets:

Exercising Regularly

    Despite juggling between her full-time job and mummy duties, Ayu always finds time to be active – whether it’s in the morning or evening. No matter if it’s a jog or a smashing workout in an exercise class, she gets it done.

    But here’s her secret: she is a regular in Zumba classes and has found a family in the community. Together, they motivate each other to ensure that they never lose sight of their goal of keeping fit. 

    Being part of this Zumba community also means that exercises are always fun and stress-relieving. When dancing to your favourite songs is part of your exercise routine, who can say that exercise is boring?

    Changing Her Diet

    Ayu does the famous keto diet that everyone has been raving about!

    So, you might be wondering, what is that?

    A keto diet is essentially having high-fats, moderate protein and very low carbohydrates in a day. What this means is avoiding all of your favourite white rice, instant noodles and kaya and butter toast for good!

    How does she do it?

    She replaced all her favourite junk food in the fridge with fruits, yoghurt and cheese.  She even brought her junk food to her mother’s place to avoid looking at them. She stuck to the plan and quickly saw the results she wanted.

    Of course, it was hard at first, but she didn’t let the difficulty steer her away from her goal.

    Waist Training

    Ayu also uses waist trainers during her Zumba classes. The intensity of her workouts increased tremendously but what surprised her more was how comfortable it is! 

    Soon, she realised her waist was getting smaller at a faster rate. She found that she was sweating more profusely during her workouts. She also applied Vicks on her tummy area, and it has significantly improved her stretch marks. 

    Now that you know her secrets, let’s get shedding!

    We know you can do it, just like how Ayu did! Check out the waist trainer that Ayu used in tandem with her exercise and diet:

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    Waist training has been a great help! So, keep calm and hook on!” - Ayu

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