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Post-Partum Love Handles & Bubble Tea Addiction: How Sumitha Destroyed Both

Post-Partum Love Handles & Bubble Tea Addiction: How Sumitha Destroyed Both

Everyone loves bubble tea. 

But we all know it isn’t good for us either. 

If your goal is to lose weight but you’re still buying a cup of bubble tea once every three days, chances are you’re probably not going to have much luck with achieving your goal. 

This is the predicament Sumitha, our sixth #WomanOfWaistlab this month, found herself in — trapped in postpartum confinement, she developed a bubble tea addiction, increased her junk food intake, and experienced a bulging waistline. 

Say Hello To Sumitha 

This was from February 2019, before she started waist training!

Meet Sumitha! She’s in her early thirties and is a mother to two beautiful daughters. She’s also a nurse! 

The Biggest Blow To Her Self-Esteem 

After giving birth to her firstborn, Sumitha was blessed to be able to shed that postpartum weight easily with little effort. 

Unfortunately, she wasn’t as lucky after her second pregnancy because of the stubborn postpartum fat. This made her feel like she had a disproportionate body — slim arms, slims legs but an “ugly middle”. 

This was from January 2019 (before waist training)! She sent this to her husband and said, "I love the dress and I want to lose weight to fit in it someday!"

In particular, what stood out the most to her were her “unsightly love handles and tummy bulge”. This was perhaps the biggest blow to her self-esteem as she could no longer fit into many of her clothes. 

And Then Came The Bubble Tea...

Her bubble tea addiction actually started after her confinement when she was on her maternity leave. 

She’d buy herself a cup of bubble tea almost 4 to 5 times a week! 😲

It doesn’t help that she’s a self-professed sweet tooth either — she frequently snacked at night, indulging herself with cakes and ice cream, while watching Netflix with her husband. I’m sure some of you might be a little guilty of this too! 

Breaking Old Habits 

Deciding that it’s time for a change, Sumitha embarked on her waist training journey to get her body back in shape. 

Initially, she experienced difficulty in wearing her waist trainer because it wasn’t easy to hook it up. This discouraged her so she only wore it on alternate days during the first week of waist training. 

However, she willed herself to persevere and kept practising. 

“Surprisingly, it got better with more practice of putting it on. By the second week, I could wear it daily with ease!” 

Hooray! 👏

This is Sumitha in her Classic 9 M after downsizing from an L! 

Soon after, she made some lifestyle changes to optimize her waist training journey:

  • She wears her waist trainer all the time when she goes to work. She also wears it beneath her tops and dresses when she goes out 👗
  • She cut her bubble tea intake down from 4 to 5 times a week to 2 to 3 times a week and then to once a week. Eventually, she managed to cut it down to once every two weeks only
  • No more late-night snacking ❌🍫🍦
  • Decreased her rice intake ⬇🍚
  • Increased her intake of fruits and drank more water ⬆🍎➕💧

Sumitha’s Waist Training Results 

✅ She uses the Classic 9 and downsized from a size L to M 

✅ In approximately 6 to 7 months, her waistline decreased by 7cm 

✅ Her love handles have majorly reduced 

✅ Her confidence is boosted because she can fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes again

✅ An overall better, healthier diet 

This is Sumitha now - February 2020 - with the same dress she couldn't fit in 2019

Amazing work, Sumitha! 🙌

Good Things Must Share

We are humbled that Sumitha recommends Waistlab to her colleagues because “good things must share and us women must look out for other women”. 

“Don’t rush into losing postpartum weight as our bodies have gone through so much during those 9 months. And don’t compare yourself to other women’s bodies on social media as it can bring your self-esteem down. Instead, let’s applaud them, be motivated by them, and go at your own pace!”

We love this empowering message! And this is why you’re one of our featured #WomenOfWaistlab 💯

We hope you've enjoyed reading her story! Please check out the six other transformation stories of our #WomenOfWaistlab that we featured this month for International Women's Day below:


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