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How She Lost 42kg to Conquer Her Weight Loss Journey

How She Lost 42kg to Conquer Her Weight Loss Journey

Farhana in 2020.


Meet Farhana—she’s an art educator in her mid-thirties. This #WomanOfWaistlab is one of our longest supporters. As bright and cheerful as she looks in the photo, her life was the complete opposite two years ago when she struggled with weight loss.

Challenge After Challenge

Before her weight loss journey began, Farhana weighed 120kg back in 2018


Farhana in 2018.


This was the toughest year for her because of three reasons. 


Firstly, she was going through a divorce. 


Secondly, she was on medication that made her period irregular. 


Lastly, walking became excruciating for her because she developed heel spurs on both her feet. Her doctor gave her three options: either inject her feet with silicone, surgically remove the heel spurs, or lose weight. 

A Glimmer of Hope

Stressed with the mounting problems, she needed an escape to get her mind off things. She started going for walks alone—these walks, then, slowly progressed into jogs. Jogging became a coping mechanism that lifted her mood and helped her to lose some weight


At the same time, a close friend of hers recommended her to try Waistlab’s waist trainers. She decided to get herself a waist trainer after seeing the reviews from other #WomenOfWaistlab who successfully lost weight through waist training

Sacrificing What She Loves

So what did she do to turn things around? 


First, she completely cut rice from her diet. Rice is her weakness—she admits that once she starts eating rice, she can’t stop—but she recognised that she needed to control her caloric intake to lose weight. 


And so she switched her main source of energy from rice to other food sources like noodles, pasta or her favourite egg sandwich. This was incredibly tough because it involved a complete elimination of one of her favourite foods from her diet.


Besides that, she also turned her leisurely jogs into a weekly routine. She used to jog every night but now she jogs three times a week for at least 5km each session. 


Farhana in 2019.


Additionally, she exercises with her waist trainer on because it helps to hold in and firm up any jiggling parts of her body. “All those jiggling parts limit my movement and makes me more self-conscious. [Wearing a waist trainer] also helps to make my excess skin less visible,” she explains. 

The Results of Her Hard Work

  • She’s successfully shed 42kg over two years. From 120kg, she now weighs 78kg and aims to reach her desired weight of 75kg. 

  • Her overall health has improved tremendously: She no longer suffers from heel spur pain, her once irregular periods are now regular like “clockwork”, and she feels more energetic at work. She’s also happy that she gets to shop for clothes anywhere now. 

  • Her doctor is so impressed with her blood pressure and heart pulse reading that he told her proudly: “Your reading is so beautiful!” 😂

Farhana in 2020.


Besides just relying on the weighing scale, downsizing her waist trainer also helped signal that she’s losing fats around her tummy. “Not all weight loss can be measured in kilograms,” she says, referring to the weighing scale.


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An Inspiring #WomanOfWaistlab

Farhana in 2020. 

I started all these with zero exercise and diet. It can be done but you need lots of determination. There will be failures. But find what gets you going and start moving.” 

We couldn’t agree more with you, Farhana. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. We hope this motivates anyone who is currently on their weight loss journey or is struggling to start on it!

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