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4 Common Waist Training Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Weight

4 Common Waist Training Mistakes Stopping You From Losing Weight

Be honest — we know that some of you gave up on waist training halfway through because you didn’t see the results. 


Don’t beat yourself up over it!


With the many years we’ve had interacting with our #WomenOfWaistlab, we’ve gathered some common waist training mistakes that they make. Because of these mistakes, it prevents them from achieving their desired weight loss goals. 


Let’s look at what some of these commonly made mistakes are: 

 1) Not waist training daily or for enough hours 


What you shouldn’t do: Wear your waist trainer just for a couple of days in a week. Either that or you’re wearing it for only 1 to 3 hours each day. 



What you should be doing: As best as you can, waist train daily. Start off by wearing it for 4 to 6 hours each day and gradually wear it for longer periods of time thereafter. 

2) Wearing the wrong size 


How to tell if you’re wearing the wrong size:

  • It’s too big if there’s still a gap between the waist trainer and your torso even after wearing it on the innermost row of hooks
  • It’s too small if it’s impossible to wear it on the outermost row of hooks (Note: As mentioned in our beginner’s guide to waist training, wearing a waist trainer can be a little tough especially if you’re new to it. Keep it going and don’t give up!

How to tell if you’re wearing the right size:


  • It should fit you tightly all around your torso with no gaps 
  • You’re able to breathe normally 

3) Expecting results after one day or one week of waist training 

C’mon now. This is the equivalent of exercising for one day and expecting your body to be toned right after. 



What you should do: Track your weight loss and your waistline on a bi-weekly basis. Long-term results require long-term effort so be patient. Most importantly, be consistent with your waist training.

 4) Bingeing on food after removing your waist trainer 

We’re not even going to explain why this is all kinds of wrong. A lil’ something scrumptious here and there won’t hurt but don’t make it a habit and don’t binge on it, please! 

Want More Waist Training Tips?

Follow us on our Instagram page here! We’re always posting content about waist training tips, diets, and exercises you can do in your waist trainer. 

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