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The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Waist Training

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Waist Training

Are you completely new to waist training? Or perhaps you’ve waist trained before but lost the motivation and gave up halfway?

Whatever the reason, waist training takes discipline and consistency. To help make your waist training journey as easy and comfortable as possible, we’ve put together this nifty guide for you to refer to! 

Without further ado, let’s head straight into it.


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Common Experience Among First-Timers

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, everyone remembers their experience putting on their waist trainer for the first time. Here’s some of them: 

  • OMG it’s so tight, I can’t breathe! It must be the wrong size
  • It’s so hard to wear! I can’t seem to hook it up all the way. I’m just gonna give up *sigh*
  • How do other ladies wear it so QUICKLY??? There must be something wrong with the way I’m wearing it” 
  • I’m sweating just trying to put it on!

This is one of our #WomenOfWaistlab, Munirah Gaffar, struggling initially to put on her waist trainer. Look at her clenching her fists in frustration!

Ladies...DON’T PANIC! 

Relax! Trust us — this is a common experience for first-timers to waist training. 

Yes, it might feel strange at first, but that’s because it’s a totally new experience. 

But no, it doesn’t mean that you got it in the wrong size. The size of the waist trainer is always going to be smaller than your actual waist size to give it that tight, firm feel.

If it were any looser, then that would defeat the purpose of a waist trainer in the first place! 

And no, just because you can’t hook it up all the way doesn’t mean you should give up. 

Neither should you rush into wearing it quickly either. It’s not a competition! But the good news is you will definitely get faster at it with more practice.

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How To Wear The Waist Trainer

STEP 1: Grab your waist trainer and wrap it around your waist. Your right hand should be grabbing onto the end of the waist trainer with the hooks. Meanwhile, your left hand should be grabbing onto the other end of the waist trainer with the eyes. 



STEP 2: Get ready! Take a deep breath and hook the bottom hook to the eye.  

STEP 3: Adjust your waist trainer by pulling it down. Make sure that your waist trainer fits comfortably around your waist and hips. 



STEP 4: Get ready again! Take a deep breath and brace yourself. This time, hook it up all the way as fast as possible.

Note: This is the tricky part. We recommend doing it as fast as possible at this point because this is when people tend to get tired out. Do it quickly so you won’t tire yourself out!



STEP 5: Congratulations on hooking it all the way up! Now adjust your waist trainer again and ensure that the steel bones are at the sides and back of your body, giving you that extra support.  

Don’t be surprised if you work up a sweat just trying to wear it the first couple of times.  It’s totally normal! Keep practising and wearing it daily; you’ll get the hang of it in no time with no sweat. 

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How Long Should You Wear The Waist Trainer For?

During the first week, wear it daily for 4 to 6 hours each day. 



Here’s a recommended waist training daily plan: 

  • Morning: Wear it for 4 hours till lunch time
  • Afternoon: It’s lunch time! You can choose to either continue wearing it through your lunch or you can take it off before you eat. It’s up to you! 
  • Post-lunch: Let your food digest. Once it’s digested and you don’t feel bloated or full anymore, you can either put on your waist trainer again for the next couple of hours or for the rest of the day

The following week, try wearing it for 8 to 12 hours instead. Yes, it is very much possible!

What’s most important is that you need to wear it daily. If you aren’t losing weight or reducing your waistline, it’s very likely that it’s because you aren’t waist training daily for an adequate number of hours. 

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Can You Eat While Wearing Your Waist Trainer?


Yes, you can! If your motivation for wearing a waist trainer is to suppress your appetite to prevent yourself from bingeing on extra calories or snacking endlessly, then it’s highly recommended that you wear it while eating. 

However, if you’re worried you might experience gastric discomfort, then avoid wearing it while you eat.  

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Can You Exercise In Your Waist Trainer?


Click here to see which waist trainer is the best for exercising.  

Before you wear your brand new waist trainer to the gym, we recommend that you wear it daily for at least 1 to 2 weeks first to "season" it. 

Although "seasoning" it is not a must, it is still highly recommended because you might end up feeling quite breathless as you work out in your unseasoned waist trainer. 

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When You SHOULDN’T Wear A Waist Trainer

❌ While you sleep.

❌ During buffets. 

❌ If you’re pregnant (yes, even if you’re just a few weeks pregnant!). But you can wear it postpartum.

❌ If you’re engaging in an activity that requires a lot of flexibility and mobility like yoga.

❌ If you have serious back problems such as scoliosis. While waist trainers can help support a better posture, they’re not an orthopedic product! It’s best to consult your doctor for their advice.

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Got A Question?

If you have any questions about waist trainers or waist training, you can reach out to us anytime! We love speaking to our #WOWs!

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