Not Your Average Waist Trainer: The Taupe Black


You’ve got your waist trainer on and you’re feeling snatched. You can’t wait to show your man how good you look in your new curves.

You’re looking at your reflection in the mirror, feeling pleased. You make a twirl to look at your back.

That’s when you notice it — your back fats splurging! 

Back fats can be uncomfortable and make you feel less confident. 

Here’s a simple solution to regain your confidence: the Taupe Black. It’s more than just an ordinary waist trainer. You’ll see just why.

1. Hides Your Upper Back Fat

A very obvious difference is the Taupe Black has a special upper back fat protector. This provides maximum back coverage. It's great because it tucks all your back fats neatly and firmly in.

No more splurging!

It has fully adjustable straps too so you can control how firm you want it to be

2. Give Your Girls A Lift 😉

Because of the way it’s designed, the Taupe Black can lift your breasts so they look perkier than usual. 


Your man will be looking at you a little differently when you wear this 👀 If you want to catch his attention, consider wearing this! Who knows if this might even spice things up in the bedroom. 

3. Better Posture 

Waist trainers in general help keep your body upright. However, you might find yourself slouching after awhile. 

If you want something to support your posture longer, then the Taupe Black is a more reliable choice than the Classic Black.

4. Sweat More 

The compression from a waist trainer helps you to sweat more. But this is only limited to your midsection. 

With the Taupe Black, you’ll be sweating all over! This can help to amplify your fat burn. 

Regain Your Confidence

With the Taupe Black on, you’ll be looking your best all the time! Those back fats will be kept firmly hidden. 

No more second guessing yourself when you look in the mirror. You’ll be ready to strut out and command your man’s attention. 

Click here to find out more about the 11.5” Taupe Black or 9” Taupe Black!