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How Shabirah Reclaimed Her Figure & Slayed At Her Wedding

How Shabirah Reclaimed Her Figure & Slayed At Her Wedding

Weddings can be quite a nerve-wracking and stressful affair. As the bride, you’re going to have hundreds of pairs of eyes scrutinizing you like you’re an open book  👀 That’s frightening! 

Shabirah is no stranger to this. As the third #WomanOfWaistlab we’re featuring in our International Women’s Day special, she’s here to share her story about how she overcame her wedding jitters! 

Say Hello To Shabirah

Shabirah, 30, is an accountant who is also a newlywed! She’s been married for a little over a month already 👰.

This is before Shabirah started waist training!

If she looks familiar to you, that’s because you’ve probably seen her on our Instagram feed here

She looks positively radiant and glowing in her wedding gown! Little would you expect that behind that smile, Shabirah was feeling incredibly nervous about how her wedding would go

Wedding Day Jitters Are REAL 

That’s right! Shabirah was feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the same time. 

She had two wedding dresses to wear on her big day — one was an elegant gown, and the other a traditional but dramatic lehenga. That’s twice the pressure to look good in both wedding dresses! 

Long before the wedding, Shabirah set out a goal about how she wanted to look and feel on her wedding day. It boiled down to two simple things: 1) to be herself, and 2) to be comfortable in her dress. 

While it’s important to look good on the outside, Shabirah also recognised that what’s more important is feeling confident about herself and having a peace of mind.

Finding Her Confidence And Fighting Those Jitters 

To help her with that extra confidence boost, she wore a waist trainer beneath her wedding gown! (And in case you’re wondering, she wore a Classic 11.5”)

So how did Shabirah feel with the waist trainer on? 

“I felt more confident rocking the white gown!!! I looked so amazing in it!”

Even her husband was stunned when he saw her. Initially, way before the wedding when Shabirah first started waist training, her then-fiance was sceptical about it. However, he changed his mind when he saw Shabirah downsizing and losing weight overall! 

He asked me if you guys have any for men? 😂”, she quips. 

Most importantly, she emphasizes that it’s a priority for brides to feel comfortable and look amazing on their wedding day, and waist trainers help to do exactly that. 

Happy Married Couples And Weight Gain

Apparently, marital happiness is positively related to weight again, especially for newlyweds. 

However, Shabirah is confident that she won’t be putting on this “happy weight” with the help of consistent waist training. 

At the start of her waist training journey, she struggled to do it consistently as she took it “lightly”, and only wore it once a week. But after challenging herself to be more disciplined and consistent with it, the results are showing: 

✅ She has downsized from a 5XL to a 3XL, and very soon to a 2XL 

✅ Her love handles have shrunk 

✅ Her tummy has shrunk too 

Her family and friends have taken notice and they compliment her on her new figure. We, too, at Waistlab are really proud of your achievements, Shabirah 👏😍

Shabirah is wearing her Classic 11.5" in 3XL here! 

Here are some tips that Shabirah has to make the most out of your waist trainer: 

  • Prior to her wedding day, she waist trained for 6 months and wore it 4 times a week 
  • She typically wears it to work from 8am to 6pm 
  • It helps to curb her appetite and gives her a straight posture which is especially useful since her job is deskbound 
  • She even goes grocery shopping with her waist trainer on 

While the thought of a newlywed couple gaining weight together happily together is cute, let’s also draw a line so that we don’t risk letting go of ourselves! 


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