Fake Results? Undisclosed TRUTHS About Waist Trainers.

Undisclosed Truths About Waist Trainers

Marketing fad or miracle invention?

You have probably heard of this miraculous intimate garment that claims to give you an instant hourglass shape. 

You might have even seen Kim Kardashian wearing it!

But naturally, we often feel doubtful of products that seem too good to be true.

Today, we’ll dig deep into the art and science of waist trainers, and explore their effectiveness at helping one to lose weight. 

Waist Trainers Accelerate Fat Burn

Waist trainers help to break down stubborn fat through thermogenesis.

Now we’re sure you’re scratching your heads – what’s thermogenesis?

Simply put, thermogenesis is responsible for amplifying the fat burning process by creating a sauna-like effect all-around your midsection. This means you’ll be sweating a lot more due to the increased rate of calorie burn! 

Thermogenesis is activated when you wear the waist trainer while you go for a quick walk or jog around your neighbourhood, or even when you're just casually wearing it during your late-night grocery shopping at Sheng Shiong. We all love to multitask, right?

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Now back to the blog post!

Waist Trainers Help Curb Your Appetite

If you tend to overeat (like I do), then this is the perfect garment for you as it helps to curb your appetite.

We’re sure many of you experienced the temptation of having desserts after your meal because you still felt hungry, right?

However, waist trainers help to combat your hunger pangs by firmly tightening around your midsection. This gives you better control over your food intake by helping you avoid overeating and feeling bloated. 

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to finish up your plate of cai fan for lunch after starting to waist train. It really is that effective! 

Waist Trainers Helps to Correct and Maintain Good Posture

Ever sat long hours in the office only to find yourself developing a backache and unable to get a good night’s rest?

Not anymore! Waist trainers actually help you to maintain a good posture so that even after long hours of sitting down, you won’t feel the ache. This, in turn, helps you get a good night’s rest and improves your mood! 

For those who exercise with weights, wearing a waist trainer while you're doing compound exercise movements also helps support your core and lower back, thus minimising any strain on your back. You won't have to worry about lower back pain after heavy lifting days anymore. 

Energize Your Motivation

With the waist trainer on, it’ll give you raw motivation to carry on with your goal in mind. Be it wanting to lose weight, or getting a better posture after years of slouching, it'll help you out with it.

Seeing progress with your very eyes will definitely drive you on. The three ladies were beginners to waist training but as their testimonials have shown, they have transformed their lives positively. 

At Waistlab, we are on a mission to empower women to be the best versions of themselves- regardless of the stage of life they’re in. We believe that our waist trainers will help you reach your desired goal, and we're always ready to support you in your journey. 


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Or read this inspiring real-life example of how a mom of two waist-trained her way to lose 15kg in just two months!


 Here's a little something to help you get started with waist training! 
We're giving away FREE SHIPPING to you! Simply input the code 'WAISTLABWRITES' in the checkout. 
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