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Waist Trainers And Sex: An Open Secret

Waist Trainers And Sex: An Open Secret


Admit it: you don’t just wear our waist trainers for the sole purpose of pursuing a healthier body. 

We’re well aware that many of you wear it for a much simpler reason…

To look sexy for your partner! 

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

In a place as fast-paced and stressful as Singapore, you might not be surprised to hear that married women here apparently have less sex than desired. If this is true for you then read on to learn how you can spice it up!

Is Looking Good For Your Man Worth All That Effort?

If you’re already in a relationship for a long time with your partner, is there still a need to look attractive for him?

We totally understand it takes a lot of effort to look good constantly, but… 

You might be surprised to know that it’s one of the ten things men need in a marriage. Take a look:  

  1. Being attractive for him -- this includes both physically and emotionally 
  2. Not to insult him when you’re trying to motivate him to change 
  3. Creating a safe space for open and honest communication
  4. Expressing respect in his love language 
  5. Expressing physical affection passionately, not passively 
  6. Respecting him by letting him be a man 
  7. Respecting him by giving him space 
  8. Supporting and encouraging him because he’s under a lot of pressure but won’t tell you 
  9. Expressing your appreciation frequently for all that he does 
  10. Respecting him by growing as a whole person

Looking hot for your partner might sound superficial but it’s far from that; it should be regarded as a privileged act of love to give him only the best version of yourself. And this means putting in effort into your looks, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Biological Changes In Your Thirties

Now, this is going to be a little challenging if you’re already in your thirties. 

It’s inevitable that your body will experience some natural, biological changes: the first signs of ageing, a drop in fertility, and a slower metabolism, amongst other things.  Add kids into the mix and you’ll find that things get even more complicated.

Don’t Let It Deter You

Ladies, don’t let this deter you from looking your best for your special man. Inez Feltscher Stepman from The Federalist writes: 

“Making an effort to please the man you married is not an act of sisterhood betrayal. Honouring your husband’s masculine nature—and the desires that come with it—is one of the best gifts you can give the man you love.

Looking good for your man shouldn’t be a time-consuming chore. Quite the opposite, it can be a fun activity to look forward to to shake things up in your relationship! 

Imagine the look on your man’s face when he sees you standing there in that seductive red dress he’s never seen before. Now imagine his jaw dropping when he takes it off and is doubly surprised to find you in lingerie.

Go beyond just visuals by engaging his senses - put on some new sultry perfume and talk dirty to him. Make him worship you like a goddess!

Surprise Him And Get His Pulse Racing

Waistlab wants to help you catch your man’s attention and get his pulse racing! 

Well, we’ve had a surprising number of #WomenOfWaistlab telling us that they use our waist trainers to look good for their men. It accentuates your curves and even gives a little push to your breasts! I mean, c’mon. With that red dress? You’re unstoppable.  

It’s amazing how a simple waist trainer can help to rekindle the sparks of attraction!  


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