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Don’t Buy A Waist Trainer Until You’ve Read This.

Don’t Buy A Waist Trainer Until You’ve Read This.

Waist Trainer

Update (19/06/2020): Unfortunately, our showroom appointments remain closed.

We feel you!

Buying clothes online is never an easy task!

Getting the wrong size, going through the troublesome exchange process, talking to customer service reps... so many steps just to get a replacement.

We know that because our customers are people just like you! We hate buying the wrong size.

Finding the correct fit for you is of utmost importance. Get one that’s too big and it won’t help you to its fullest potential; get one that’s too small and it’ll be too uncomfortable for you to wear it.

So now, we've come to the all-important question - how do you pick the right size? We’ve come up with the ultimate guide to help you choose the right size of your waist trainer from your first order!

Here’s how to choose:

1. Finding your hips and waist

Don’t worry, many of us weren’t sure about this too! After all, they’re so near to each other and it’s easy to get it wrong. But it’s important to know this because you want the waist trainer to be cinched firmly. 

We recommend doing this on bare skin.

a) Take your measuring tape and bring it under your bust. Find the narrowest part of your torso (which should be under your ribcage) and wrap the tape around. That’s your waist.
b) Bring it down a little lower to the widest part of your torso. That's your hips. 

2. Finding your torso length

Now that you know how to identify your waist and hips, you can measure your torso length! There are long and short waist trainers (9” and 11.5”) for you to try on, and by identifying your torso length, you can easily gauge which would fit you best.

Again, we recommend doing this on bare skin. Make sure you’re standing straight in front of your mirror as you’re doing this.

Start by placing the measuring tape flat under your bust and bringing it all the way down to your hip bones. If you have a shorter torso, it should measure about 8" to 9” at your hip bones, meaning you’ll suit the short waist trainer. Conversely, if you have a longer torso, then the 11" waist trainer would better suit you. 

Always remember that no matter what your torso length is, you’re beautiful in your own way.

3. Coming over to try it yourself 

Of course, the simplest way is to come over to our showroom and let us do all the measurements for you. Then you can try out all the different lengths and types of waist trainers and really feel and understand which one would be best suited for you. All your queries about waist training will be answered immediately on the spot! 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you! That’s why we at Waistlab have waist trainer fitting appointments to help measure and figure out your body type.

We’d love to help and support you on your waist training journey! So hurry and book an appointment with us before all the slots are gone:



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