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Coke For Breakfast, Fast Food For Lunch: Lizzie’s Journey

Coke For Breakfast, Fast Food For Lunch: Lizzie’s Journey


We all know someone with the magical ability to not gain weight. 

They can eat whatever they want, at any time of the day, as much as they want...yet, you still won’t see them ballooning. Life can be so unfair.

Sigh...Wish that was you?

It might sound like a blessing at first, but think again. Just because the numbers on the weighing scale aren’t increasing doesn’t mean that you’re free to eat without consequence. Lizzie’s experience demonstrates exactly that. 

Meet Lizzie

She’s a mother and a housewife in her early thirties!

From young, she’s one of the lucky ones who doesn’t gain weight easily. She’s also a self-proclaimed “picky eater” — vegetables, fruits and whole grains are a foreign concept. Even plain water was something unfamiliar.  

This led to an unhealthy relationship with fast food and soft drinks (particularly Coke). 

How unhealthy was this relationship? Try this: 

  • Her breakfast was a cup of Coke. 
  • Lunch and dinner were usually fast food or anything fried in general. That means burgers, nuggets, prata, and hot dogs. 
  • Sometimes, she skipped dinner and traded it for a can of Coke or a chocolate bar. 
  • She loved Coke so much that when she had to eat her medicine, she'd down it with Coke instead of water!

Even though it might sound a little extreme, let’s not judge her for it! I’m sure we’re all guilty of going a little crazy with our eating habits. 

Frequent, Head-Splitting Migraines

Lizzie frequently experienced migraines. But it worsened after giving birth to her son. 

“The pain was horrible, it made me vomit the whole day and I couldn’t eat at all.”

She had migraines several times in a month, and they could last up to two days. It sometimes got so unbearable to the point that she had to go to the clinic and get an injection to ease the pain. 

Depressed, she realised she couldn’t live like this anymore and decided to change her lifestyle. 

3 Impossibly Simple Solutions

Despite the many treatments she came across during her research, she settled for three of the simplest solutions: (1) exercising, (2) sleeping well, and (3) drinking more water and changing her diet. 

Weight Lifting And Cardio

Before the circuit breaker, Lizzie used to hit the gym 4 times a week. She did a mix of weight lifting exercises, including squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.

This circuit breaker hasn’t stopped her from exercising! In fact, she exercises from Monday to Friday for about 60 minutes each session. Even though the gym is closed, she does her home workouts with the weights that she has and regularly runs on her treadmill. 

 Trading Coke For Breakfast Smoothies 

Besides just drinking more water and cutting down on her soft drink intake, she also introduced a greater variety of healthier food in her diet. 

I can even eat vegetables now!” she jokes. In fact, one of her favourite foods from her new diet is a breakfast shake made of milk, oats, bananas, protein powder, peanut butter and her most recent addition, spinach! 

Now, who says that picky eaters can’t change their diets?

While she admits that it’s a slow and gradual process, she’s proud of how far she’s come. She lives life feeling more energetic now, and feels that her skin and her mental health have improved too. 

We’re proud of you too, Lizzie! 😄

Waist Training

On top of all this, Lizzie waist trains for about seven to eight hours a day. She wears it from morning to evening, only removing it once she’s done with her workouts.

Besides the “hour glass figure” that it gives her, it also helps with her posture so she doesn’t hunch anymore!

Eating Whatever You Want Without Gaining Weight Isn’t A Superpower

Being able to eat but not gain weight sounds pretty awesome...until it’s not. So don’t feel envious of your friend who can do it! 

Whether or not you gain weight easily from eating isn’t the issue. Ultimately, whatever you consume will have an impact on your overall health, and this applies to everyone. Period.

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