Our best-selling Casual Series is an all-time favourite! Many users appreciate it for its unmatched versatility. Whether you’re working in an office, in postpartum, or simply curious to try, the Casual Series is the ideal waist trainer for you!

Wearing this will add a little kick to your daily activities. Very soon, you’ll be well on your way in your waist training journey.

Carefully designed by its creators, the Casual Series is the only series to have waist trainers in Waistlab’s iconic shade of pink to give your style that playful pop of colour. It also has black markings on its sides to create an hourglass effect. These are exclusively design registered features to help you stand out with confidence in your newly owned waist trainer. (*Only for Casual Classic)


This waist trainer is 11.5-inches in length and consists of a 3-layered system. Not only does this give you maximum coverage, this unique 3-layered system also helps to break down stubborn fat through thermogenesis. Simply put, thermogenesis is responsible for amplifying the fat burning process by creating a sauna-like effect all around your mid-section. So, if you catch yourself sweating more than usual during your workouts, remember that more sweat means more fats crying!

This waist trainer is made of latex, lined with cotton and has a smooth finish to its outermost layer. This ensures that your comfort is prioritized while you go about your daily activities. It also features sewn-on hooks to provide a strong support.