WAIST TRAINER vs SHAPEWEAR: Which should you get?

WAIST TRAINER vs SHAPEWEAR: Which should you get?

Now that you’re here, you must be wondering what exactly is the difference between a waist trainer and shapewear or which one would suit you better. Hopefully you can make your decision by the end of this post.

Waist trainers (also known as: waist cincher or faja)

are a type of high-compression shapewear worn around your tummy. They are less extreme versions of corsets designed for everyday wear and are meant to be worn under clothes, making you look curvier and slimmer.

So... what exactly are the benefits of waist trainers, you may ask?

  1. Our waist trainers include a three-layered fabric that stimulates thermogenesis (heat) allowing

    you to sweat more during exercise (burn those stubborn fats!).

  2. With high-compression around your tummy, it can help prevent overeating. (Be in better

    control of your food intake)

  3. Wearing a waist trainer can also improve your posture, reducing hunching or slouching. (No longer worry about lower back pain or bad posture!)

  4. Reminds you to keep your core engaged during exercises. (no more injuries!)


Shapewear, on the other hand, are essentially undergarments designed with compression panels that can help smooth and conceal your anxiety-causing areas, making you look sleek on every occasion.

With our shapewear all the clothes you desire, including the tight fitting ones as our shapewear can help compress your anxiety-causing areas. (reduce the appearance of the waistline!)

Again you may ask, what are the benefits or shapewear?

  1. Similar to a waist trainer, shapewear also helps to improve your body posture (say goodbye to

    your backaches!)

  2. With the compression from your tummy to your thighs, be prepared to get into your desired

    shape (Get that booty!)

  3. Unlike waist trainers, our shapewear is designed in a way that it is ultra thin, providing

    comfort (No worries about having visible panty line)

  4. Wearing a shapewear can enhances your bust too

Haven’t decided on which to get yet?

Get yourself a shapewear that provides light compression if you are looking for a temporary solution to look better in your new beautiful clothes.

If you are looking to lose the stubborn tummy fats around your waist, you may want to consider getting a waist trainer which can be worn while you exercise too!

If you are still unsure, why not get both!