4 Tips To Selecting The Right Waist Trainer



You’ve probably seen the Kardashians waist training, and you want to start too.

You check it out online, and you realise there are different types of waist trainers. There are different lengths, different sizes… we must admit it can get quite confusing sometimes! To add to that, you aren’t even sure what your body type is!

Fret not! Here are 4 key tips to make sure you get your perfect waist trainer.

1) Know your body type

    There are 5 core body types that you should know of: Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear-Shape, Apple-Shape and Oval. The best-suited length of the waist trainer will depend on your body type.

    For example, a Rectangle Shape would fit the longer waist trainer better due to your narrower hips. But for the Pear Shape, the shorter one would be better as it’ll end nicely above your wider hips.

    To determine your body type, we recommend looking in the mirror and noting down how narrow/wide certain body parts are, like your shoulders, hips and bust. 

    Just remember that no matter which body shape you are, you are beautiful inside and out!

    2) Identifying where your waist & hips are

    This is the most important thing to note before buying a waist trainer. It's a common mistake to measure your hips instead of your waist and end up with a big and loose waist trainer. 

    Your waist is under your bust, above your belly button and is the narrowest part of your torso. Your hips would be above your buttocks, and the widest part of your torso. Now that you’re aware of this, go on and measure yourself. 

    3) Measuring your torso length 

    So, you see that there are 11.5" and 9" waist trainers – and you can’t tell which would be best. This is actually quite simple.

    Simply take a measuring tape and measure your torso vertically, all the way down your hip bones. If you’re not sure where your hip bones are, just bring it down the widest part of your hips, and you’re good to go. 

    4) Knowing what activities you would do in your waist trainer

    You would be surprised to know that your activities actually do affect the decision on which waist trainer to get!

    If you’re a fitness junkie, the 9" waist trainer is a better choice as you can still perform your compound exercise movements (eg. squats, deadlifts) without any impediments to your movements. 

    On the other hand, if your occupation requires you to stand for long hours (e.g. nurse) and you have constant backaches as a result, the longer one with back straps will give you that much-needed support that you wish for. Goodbye backaches! 

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